4 county jobs eliminated in Union County, IL

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A special meeting was held at the Union County Courthouse to approve a budgets with cuts, leaving people unhappy.

Danny Hartline, one of the county commissioners, addresses the big problem in the room. He says, "Anytime you are proposing a budget that has cuts, that involves personnel, which are people with families, tensions are high and I understand that." Simply stating, "There are positions in this county that we are not going to have going into  this next fiscal year."

There are four county positions being eliminated - one in the treasurer's department, one in the states attorney's office, one in the circuit clerk and one clerks office.

"The decision we made were not without compassion for the employees of the court house but they were necessary to be made for the constituents of Union county as a whole so we can stay solvent as county government," Commissioner Hartline says.

These cuts are not sitting well with some members community. Kevin Starr sits through most of the meetings. He says he wants to know about two positions that that were just approved. The new position is the Human Resource Director.

Starr says, "The problem is the county board has hired a couple people at some exorbitant salaries, some around 57,000  for one and 60k for another. Laying one employee off and not allowing the office holders to employ 3 other employees in their offices they need to do the work."

But the commissioners say those salaries are competitive to get the most qualified people.

Even though the county's expenses have gone up, County Commissioner Hartline says they only have so much money in the bank."We are  Financial sound as far as the money that we have, we just have a budget deficit going into the next budget year," Hartline says.

One single mom found out today she will officially be without a full time job as of March 1st, but the county has the budget for her stay on part-time, but with no benefits.

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