Heartland Serves as Example for Chinese Docs

An international group of doctors is studying how we handle medical care in the Heartland. They want to know how health care is taken care of in rural areas. The group is from Luzhou Medical College in China. Dr. Liu, who is president of the college, was in the group, "We want to get help from those fields like nursing, environmental protection, and teaching," he says through an interpreter

Help that will hopefully provide better medical care to their patients back home. Their visit took them to the Midtown Family Medical Center in Cape Girardeau. A tour of the patient rooms, the lab, and a look at where the records are kept, to see how the staff takes care of people.
"We are just beginning to engage in the community medical service to serve the rural areas," says Liu

Unlike rural areas in the Heartland the rural areas in China are very large. What they learn here will be applied to a rural area of over four million people. Because the rural areas in China are much larger, the clinics there will be different, and will see more people every day. But one thing that is the same is their desire to take care of their aging population. "China has entered the society of elder people. The average life expectancy is now 70, so we need to take care of the aged people," Liu says. The group wraps up their trip to the Heartland this Friday and hopes to practice what they've learned as soon as they get back.