Rain keeps plumbers busy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Plumbers tell us they are staying busy, working on septic tanks and flooded basements.

Bill Bonney has been working around the clock the last few days, clearing septic systems.

He said with the rain coming down quickly, they are getting too full and the water is running into houses.

He says it's important to get maintenance on your system every few years, which could set you back around $200.

And, when the rain does come down heavy, be conscious of how much water you are using.

"The key is limit water usage, limit showers, and I'm only talking about these really wet weather times when the rain is pouring down you know hold  back off all that you know wait until the sun comes back out and dries things up," said Bonney

He also said to listen to your house, if the toilets are flushing slowly and you hear gurgling that's when you should reach out to your plumber.

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