DACA rally held in Carbondale, IL

Supporters of DACA came out to Carbondale, Illinois on Feb. 21 to "Shine a Light" on Dreamers.

Organizers say The flashlight vigil is a show of support for Immigrant Communities. 

This demonstration is one of several that were held throughout Illinois tonight. 

Activists around the country have been rallying in support of Immigrants who were brought to the country Illegally as children ahead of next month's deadline for Congress to take action. 

"We want our neighbors who are impacted by this directly to know, that they do have the support of the community around them," said activist Elizabeth Malone. "That we do support them. How important immigrants are to the fabric of our society."
Last year, President Trump rescinded an Executive Order put in place that protected 800 thousand Immigrants.
That order expires on March 5th, which means DACA recipients could face deportation.  

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