After the fire: catching up with Heartland Survivor

LOUISVILLE, KY (KFVS) - We followed Jessica Johnston during her journey on the last season of Survivor.

We recently caught up with her in Louisville, Kentucky to find out more about her life after the fire and what is next for the Heartland native.

Since we last saw Johnston, she has a new "brace" on life.

"I went on a survivor ski trip," Johnston said. "I love saying it was Cole's fault because it truly, truly was. He spun in front of me, I went over his skis. I make jokes, like yeah, I can make it through survivor with all these people, yet I come back with a broken leg."

Now it's physical therapy twice a week.

So instead of being a part of the Healers, she's doing the healing.

"I can't do anything by myself so it's been hard," Johnston said.

She works as a nurse practitioner by day, but a little restricted in her current condition.

"I can't bear weight for six weeks," Johnston said.

She said people are always asking about the show.

"Obviously, am I in a relationship with Cole and the answer is always no," Johnston said "Still single. Everyone made a joke like, yeah Jessica this is how you'll find somebody on Survivor and I'm like it didn't work. Maybe if I play again."

She said she regrets not being able to make to the end.

"I asked Ben like at what point did you decide it was going to be me?" Johnston said. "He said Jessica, I walked up to a conversation that you were having with Joe....and Joe was telling me what to do and I remember sticking my finger in front of his face and was like don't talk to me like that, like, I know what I'm doing and Ben would say that was the moment when he was like Jessica has to go."

When she made it back to Louisville, Kentucky, she said the first thing she did was call her friends to catch up and grab dinner.

Needless to say, Survivor left its mark.

"Everyone comes out the game with just a high of life and like what do I really want to do with life," Johnston said. "Am I doing what I want to be doing?"

Jessica's true passion is physical fitness.

So, come March, she is hanging up the scrubs with the official launch of her website Belovist.

"Belovist is my online training and Belovist was an idea that was started in my head years ago during grad school," Johnston said. "I didn't finish it until I got back from Survivor."

Now, she is transitioning her life but leaving the door open for whatever opportunity comes knocking.

"I hope people see me on survivor again," Johnston said.

The new season of Survivor premieres on CBS Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

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