5 things to know Feb. 19

(KFVS) - Good morning it is Monday, February 19.

First Alert Forecast

This morning is warm and damp. It will stay that way all day.

Laura Wibbenmeyer says there probably won't be heavy downpours, but it will be drizzly and gloomy all day. There will also be strong wind gusts that could top 30 mph at times.

Temperatures will hover around 70 degrees.

There are chances for heavy rainfall in the next few days. One is Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Thunderstorms are possible, but severe weather is unlikely.

We'll have to watch for flooding along the Ohio and south of the Confluence. There could be a short break from the rain on Thursday.

Then another significant rain chance Friday into Saturday.

Making headlines

It was a nightmare that became a reality for one firefighter in Scott County on Saturday. He watched his own home went up in flames.

The FBI and other agencies are in Mississippi County helping to search for a missing 18-year-old special needs autistic student.

A Bell City student was arrested after making a threat on a Bell City High School.

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