Second Heartland Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Second Heartland Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
By: Holly Brantley

EAST PRAIRIE, MO -- For the second time in a week a Heartland soldier was killed in Afghanistan.

Glen and Vickie hall of East Prairie tell us their 20-year-old son, Army Specialist Blake Hall, was killed in Afghanistan Sunday.
He was part of the 173rd Airborne Infantry Division.

The family is still learning the details about how their son was killed. Blake's father says it was his youngest son's dream to join the army. He signed up right after graduating from East Prairie High School. "He did what he wanted to do, he always talked about jumping out of airplanes...he got to do that, " His father Glen says.

Glen Hall describes Blake as a good ol' country boy. He says his son loved hot-rod car, and wearing his overalls. Glen says Blake had 17 pairs of overalls and seldom wore anything else. "He'll be remembered in his overalls, with a white shirt, work boots, and a big smile, " says Glen.

Through out East Prairie, folks are remembering Blake as their hero. His closes friends tell Heartland News you couldn't meet a nicer young man. "He was everybody's friend, " says Glen. "He captured the hearts of a lot of people that he worked with. He was well respected, and an all around good person."

The Halls are thankful for all the friends and family in the community of East Prairie that have shown their support and expressed love and sympathy for their son's death. Blake was the youngest of three children. He has a brother, Coy, and sister, Tara. His mother works at Beauton's Drug Store in East Prairie. The owners are setting up a scholarship fund in honor of Blake.

Late last week Army Sergeant Robert Davis of Jackson was also killed in a separate incident in Afghanistan.