KYTC to remove illegally placed signs

KYTC to remove illegally placed signs

KENTUCKY (KFVS) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will begin moving illegally placed signs on state right-of-way.

Any sign, regardless of its purpose, is not allowed to be placed on state right-of-way unless otherwise permitted. State law requires highway personnel to remove all illegal signs.

Removed signs will be held for 10 working days at the local state highway maintenance facility. They can be picked up at those locations by a representative of the candidate or business with proper identification.  Unclaimed signs will be discarded after 10 days.

As a reminder, the edge of right-of-way is generally indicated by the placement of utility poles or fence lines.

Homeowners in urban areas with curb and gutter should keep signs behind sidewalks.

Starting now and going through the May 22 primary election, highway crews will be clearing highways of illegal campaign signs and other advertising. They will also be picking up signs in areas that have work zones for normal highway maintenance activities.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 includes Kentucky's 12 westernmost counties.

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