3 arrested after slashing 60+ vehicles tires in Perryville, MO

Kyle James Bader (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Kyle James Bader (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Antonio Joseph Lombardo (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Antonio Joseph Lombardo (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Darrin Scott Turberville (Source: Perryville Police Department)
Darrin Scott Turberville (Source: Perryville Police Department)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Perryville Police Department have arrested three people in connection with slashing tires in Perryville on Thursday, February 15.

Through investigation, officers were able to identify a suspect vehicle and three possible suspects.

Two individuals were taken into custody on Thursday afternoon.

The third was arrested late Friday, February 16, by the Perry County Sheriff's Department.

17-year-old Antonio Joseph Lombardo, 22-year-old Kyle James Bader, 19-year-old Darrin Scott Turberville, all of Perryville, MO were arrested and charged with first-degree property damage.

Their bonds are set at $25,000.

"I am proud of the diligent work of all of our officers in bringing this case to a resolution.  They moved quickly and were thorough following up with businesses and residents who had security video which led to identifying our suspects," said Cheif Direk Hunt.

"I just cannot believe it, it's just you know, it's a very good neighborhood, just unbelievable," said Ernest Clary, who found three of his cars with flat tires Thursday morning.

He was just one of many affected.

"I missed work, the time, the trouble and the gas coming back and forth," he said. "You know I have other things to do other than fixing flat tires because some whoever is getting a thrill out of it."

Perryville police are still investigating.

"We have several leads as far as suspects at this point," said Corporal Jeri Cain. "We have multiple suspects a minimum of at least three people."

She said they know at least one of the suspects is a male who was wearing a black hoodie and khakis.

"It's going to cost $1,000 you figure at least overall for three vehicles," said Clary. "I just hope they get em, I'm about ready to offer a reward myself if somebody would snitch them out and get the reward."

If you are a victim of the tire-puncturing which occurred overnight on February 14 to February 15 here in Perryville, police need your assistance.

In order to file accurate charges against the suspects police needs copies of your receipts for repair or replacement of your affected tires. They also need additional information from you as a victim. These can be dropped off at any time of the day. Police said they need them by Monday afternoon, February 19, 2018 at the latest.

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