90 Second Procedure to Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

90 Second Procedure to Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
By: Wendy Ray

A 90 second procedure is giving relief to women who suffer with heavy periods. It's called Novasure and Sue Sherwood of Carbondale says it's changed her life.

Sue suffered with heavy menstrual periods for years. "Extremely heavy periods, not a lot of cramping, but I dreaded working some days," she says. "We didn't plan weekend trips,or go on long car rides, it was too much."

Sue was told she would have to deal with her periods until she hit menopause, but fortunately she didn't have to. Sue found out about Novasure, the newest FDA approved therapy for heavy bleeding. Dr. Sylvia Garwin says, "Novasure uses radio frequency energy to destroy the lining of the uterus permanently. It's an outpatient procedure with very little time lost from work." Dr. Garwin performs the procedure. "It's a handheld device that's inserted in the cavity of the uterus and it generates power. It destroys the lining of the uterus, vaporizes it, and it's simultaneously removed," Dr. Garwin says.

The machine stops before it reaches the muscle layer of the uterus. Treatment time is ninety seconds to two minutes. Sue had it done in April and now only has light periods. Dr. Garwin says some women don't have periods after the procedure. It's ideal for women who are finished having children. "It's ideally for women who are over 35 and ovulatory and don't have so much pain associated with their periods," Dr. Garwin says.

Other gynecologists in the Heartland perform the Novasure procedure. Talk to your doctor if you're interested in learning more.