Darwin Week at SIUC

Darwin Week at SIUC

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The 12th annual Darwin Week at Southern Illinois University Carbondale began on Feb. 12.

They had a photo and art contest built around the theme "We're all related: Descent with Modification."

The annual event celebrates the life and work of Darwin.

An assistant professor of plant biology at SIU who helped coordinate the event explained why it's important for some to recognize Charles Darwin.

"Evolution is important for why there are antibiotic resistance bugs and why we have crop pesticide resistance it just fundamentally guides all of biology," said SIU Asst. Prof. of Plant Biology Kurt Nuebig. "Darwin, of course, described many of the fundamental aspects of evolution over 150 years ago."

The week of events also will feature student research, speakers, and a video screening.

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