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Gas Store Clerks Speak Out

Gas Store Clerks Speak Out
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - According to the latest figures, the average cost of a gallon of gas in the Midwest is about $ 2.55 a gallon. That's almost $ 0.70 higher than we paid per gallon this time last year.

So it's no surprise folks are angry, but who is their anger directed at? Station attendant Heather Burrows says most people aren't laughing when it comes to the high cost of gas.

In fact she says some people are downright mean.

"They come in and say "I can't believe gas prices. They have never been this high, I'm not gonna pay this; everyone needs to sit at home and not go anywhere" " Heather says.

Mike Crowell just started working for the DMart in Fruitland. Now he wonders if he made the right decision.

"The higher the gas prices, the shorter their tempers. No one so far has been physically abusive, just given me real attitude just slamming stuff down and I just want to say sorry it's not my fault," Crowell says.

"They don't understand we pay the same price we don't get a discount either," Heather adds.

Customer Susan Lozier admits gas prices wrongfully fueled her rants and raves at gas station clerks.

"I've just complained about prices being so high and I know it's not their fault but it's somebody to take it out on," she explains.

Meanwhile Heather Burrows says she's learned to handle irate customers. It's the large number of drive offs at the pump, that have increased along with the price of gas that gives her a headache.

Energy experts say increases in crude oil prices, along with a number of refinery outages that reduced the supply of gasoline, led to higher pump prices.

Prices are likely to increase over the next few weeks, but analysts say they may drop after Labor Day, as demand falls once people go back to school and work.

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