High School Senior Pictures -- Too Revealing?

High School Senior Pictures -- Too Revealing?

By: Lauren Keith

Photographers these days can do amazing things to pictures.  You've probably seen the most recent crop of high school senior pictures on display at your local mall, but do some of those images push the limit?

There are some pretty suggestive poses out there, and several young girls and guys are showing a lot of skin.  As Heartland News found out, it's not necessarily the photographers suggesting these poses.  Plus, not all area teenagers like the apparently new trend.

“My sister graduated in '01, and her pictures didn't look anything like the ones now. Her pictures didn't show skin!” said Charbreshea Egson, aCape Central High School senior. 

Calvin RIggey adds,” Too much skin, a lot of skin-- a lot of cleavage even though I'm a guy, I don't mind, but still.”  But, not every high school senior shares the same opinion, just take a look.

These are images taken of senior photos in the Heartland.  We are intentionally not showing you who's in the shots, but, more importantly, we're showing you what's in the shots: bare bellies, young men's chests, cleavage, and suggestive poses.

Photographer Pat Patterson says he's especially noticed this, and he even calls the suggestive poses a trend and something he won't shoot.  “Some of these poses are done, I think, to show a young lady's figure in the most flattering way possible, but there is a fine line that can be crossed,” says Patterson.

 So, Pat says he asks parents how they want their teenager pictured.  “Usually, when I ask a parent is this pushing the liimit?  I'm thinking it does, but what pushes the limit for me may not for mom or dad-- that's the reason I ask,” said Patterson.

However, several schools, like Cape Central , don't ask.  Instead, the principal allows only certain poses in the school's yearbook.  Also, students must face forward and wear clothing that follows the school's dress code.

Still, students do pass around their other personal photos at school, and some teens are noticing a lot more than their peer's pretty smiles.  “I just seen some pictures today where her shirt was up on her stomach, and it was showing her midriff—we can’t even wear that to school,” said Jessica Robinson, a Cape Central senior.

Meanwhile, photographer Tom Neumeyer adds he feels in the middle he wants to please his customers who request these poses, but he also doesn't want to put his name on something he doesn't exactly approve of.  He suggest parents be apart of the senior photo shoot, and insist on certain poses.