SIU student reporter who broke story leading to ethics inquiries

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Right now, Southern Illinois University is going through two ethics inquiries over the hiring of Chancellor Carlo Montegmano's daughter and son-in-law, Melissa and Jeffrey Germain, into positions at the school. 

In a sit-down with local media, President Randy Dunn said he launched the inquiries in order to answer questions raised in the article that broke the story in the school's newspaper, The Daily Egyptian.

The article questions the procedures into the hiring of the Germains, siting documentations that show the two were hired into positions that were not advertised, applied for, or even existed prior to being filled by Chancellor Montegmano's family members.

Anna Spoerre is a reporter who broke the story who says she was not expecting the level of exposure her story would get, or the official response from the university.

Spoerre says the story started with a tip and gained momentum quickly. After collecting the documentation to start shining more light on the ethics of these hires, it became harder to get people to talk to her on record.

"A lot more people went into this than were named," she said. "Just because they were worried about what it could do to their job. Especially during this time of reorganization in the university."

As the aftermath of her story continues to unfold, Spoerre says she's learned a lot about being a good reporter.

"It's definitely a learning experience," she said. "Despite that, it still needs to be treated with all seriousness because it is a job, and it is real life, and what you write affects people"

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