Carbondale businesses thrive, despite some businesses leaving

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - More Carbondale businesses are chiming in on the changes to the Carbondale strip.

It was reported last week that some businesses are leaving due to the drop in SIU enrollment. However, today some business owners say they are still thriving.

Game Table's owner James Cox said his passion is his business on the Carbondale Strip,"I don't know about every owner, but I've put a lot of myself, a lot of my time, a lot of my personality. This is my passion, this isn't just a job."

The Carbondale strip consists of many types of businesses -- restaurants, bars, clothing stores and much more.

"The strip is where we are the most visible," Cox said, "We are right on the center line of the town..almost everybody that does any kind of shopping in Carbondale goes to the strip at some point."

This high traffic-area recently started to see some businesses shutting down, moving, or even relocating but businesses like Gaming Table are holding strong."

"You have to be adaptive. You just have to be," Cox explained.

Ramneesh and Reema Prabhakar's business, Reema's Indian Cuisine, has been located on the strip for 20 years, until this year.

Their former location is empty because they have relocated up the road to fulfill their passion, "My passion is to make a restaurant with a bar, a DJ, a dance floor and with a food," Prabhakar said.

Despite all the changes with the university and even construction woes, Reeema's decided to expand, not close.

"To leave this place is not a solution," Prabhakar said. "Solution is that work hard, honest to where you work, definitely people will come. Success will be with you."

He said you have to be in it for the long-haul," Restaraunt is not an easy industry….one year, two years… make money and go away.. not like that…takes years and years."

El Greco, another restaurant on the strip, is re-opening under new management next month.

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