Talking to your kids about sexual abuse

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With news of sexual abuse and harassment everywhere right now your kids are probably hearing some of it.

Seeing news like this every day can be overwhelming for anyone, but experts say parents can use this as an opportunity to open up the conversation about sexual abuse.

Experts believe it's better to be proactive with children instead of reactive, that's why they suggest having the conversation early.

They say starting the conversation while they are young should make both you and your child more comfortable with the topic.

"You know, talking about healthy touch and body boundaries and those kinds of things from the youngest ages," said Emily Morrison. "So that you've built that foundation of good communication so that kids know its safe to talk to their parents about that. So that when these things do come up, you're kinda already ready. You've got your kids primed for that."

They say not to be afraid to share too much detail about what's going on in the news, because your kids, especially teens more than likely already know what's happening.

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