Illinois House Democrats lay out Illinois hospital assessment program

Illinois House Democrats lay out Illinois hospital assessment program

Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan spoken about the Illinois hospital assessment program.

According to Speaker Madigan, after six months of negotiations, House Democrats are preparing to advance a framework for an update of the assessment program.

“This amendment includes the work of a bipartisan, bicameral working group that has deliberated in good faith to update the hospital assessment program," said Speaker Madigan. "It also includes some elements still under discussion which will be finalized in coming days."

The framework aims to expand access to care in underserved communities of color and rural communities. The plan seeks to help secure hundred of millions of dollars in federal funds and securing both safety net hospitals and rural critical care hospitals.

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - Under the plan, future purchases of care would also require full and proper vetting as laid out in the state's procurement code.

“While the administration has not provided sufficient time for Managed Care Organizations to develop networks in the new markets they will be covering, we incentivize hospitals to participate in the Medicaid program, which increases access and helps reduce the overall cost of the program because patients are given a choice," said Speaker Madigan. “This plan is a critical step toward a state health care policy that is guided by what is in the best interests of patients and taxpayers, not big insurance companies and the politically connected.”

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