Could Dow drop be a good thing?

Could Dow drop be a good thing?

(KFVS) - Yesterday's drop in the stock market may have actually been a good thing, says financial planner Derieck Hodges.

He said when the market gets too hot there tends to be what he calls a massive correction so this is kind of a reset.

He also said if you invested in the Dow with long-term plans this won't have a big effect on you.

"You know it would be like if you were going to drive to California and you heard today that the first two miles of the trip leaving Cape Girardeau had a bunch of potholes in it," said Hodges. "Well it really wouldn't impact your decision to go to California. Well, the same here, this is a long-term investment for most people, so today and last weeks market adjustments don't mean much."

Even with this drop, Hodges says the market is still up 15-percent from last year.

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