Gov. Rauner visits Carbondale to discuss vision for southern Illinois

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Governor Bruce Rauner made a special trip to the Heartland just one day after his State of the State address.

Governor Rauner along with many state lawmakers toured the ComPac manufacturing plant in Carbondale and met Illinois workers face to face.

He explained to the workers and the president of the plant how he wants Southern Illinois to be "booming" with new jobs.

He also explained to the workers his goal is to get their property and income tax burden down.

Rauner said lawmakers need to do more in Springfield to help more locally-owned businesses like ComPAC. He said, "Because we have a lot of challenges in know we have challenges with funding out pensions...funding out healthcare, and funding our schools properly, but every challenge we've got will be overcome by helping businesses grow."

The President, Greg Sprehe, also discussed the impact of Springfield on his downstate company. Sprehe said, "It's important that we stay in touch with the people regulating this...really it's more the people in Springfield...they have a bigger impact on us that even the federal government does because what they do more directly affects us in Southern Illinois."

In a one-on-one interview with Heartland News, Rauner said, "People want more jobs..people want lower property taxes."

Rauner said his visit to Carbondale was for the people and the downstate workers.

"Illinois has been going down a path for years – too high of taxes, too high of job losses, brutal property taxes and a lot of corruption."

Rauner also mentioned election primaries, "We need a revolution.This is not about democrats and republicans…it's not about particular social issues…it's giving power back to the people by taking it away from Mike Madigan and his cronies."

In his State of the State speech on Wednesday, January 31,  Rauner received what seemed to be well-received many cheers on submitting a balanced budget next month despite the billion dollar backlog and late interest penalties.

"It's very realistic, very doable and I asked the general assembly yesterday – let's work together on a bipartisan basis"

"I'm also going to propose even some ways to reform the system so we can run a surplus and can actually have extra money," Rauner said.

In regards to Jeanne Ives, Gov Rauner's Republican challenger, Rauner said he thinks he will beat her in the primaries.

"I am the only candidate in the race focused on reducing taxes..the only one and I'm the one who is proposing to cut back the income tax rate now, my primary opponent isn't..and the Democrats all want to raise the income tax."

Finally, in regards to school funding bill, the governor said his amendatory veto is no longer necessary because they negotiated a compromise and schools will be in good shape soon.

Governor Rauner will face the Republican primary challenge on March 20th.

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