Fredericktown Contagious Disease

Fredericktown Contagious Disease
By: CJ Cassidy

redericktown city leaders say tests on the town's water supply came back negative for the
hey hope the results help lay to rest some of the growing concerns in their community.

The Madison County Health Department now reports 41 cases that have tested positive for the parasite.That's four new cases since Wednesday. Still, city leaders say dispelling some of the rumors flying around town would go a long way.

Fredericktown city leaders say their phones have been ringing off the hook, ever since Madison County got hit by the crypto parasite. "It's people's nature to panic about any kind of illness," Mayor Danny Kemp points out.

Employees at the county health department aren't sure where the parasite came from, but say they think someone swimming in the city pool may have had it and spread the disease. City leaders shut the pool down a week and a half ago."People are concerned about the water, but employees with the Department of Natural Resources been here the first of the week, and checked the water and there's nothing in the water," Kemp adds.

We also caught up with Michelle Minx, who was at the health department to get her four year old daughter Rilee tested for the disease. She says her daughter has had stomach aches and accidents for a few days now, and while all she wants is for Rilee to get better, the rumors flying around town are giving her a headache."You can't tell what the truth is around here," she says.

Mayor Kemp says he doesn't want people to think he or any other city leaders have anything to hide, saying he is working with health officials to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Health officials say some of the people who tested positive were adults, but the majority were young children.Most of the older folk we spoke with say they aren't worried; this will eventually all go away.

Health administrators continue to appeal to people to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds with an anti-bacterial soap.

School administrators also report a 98% attendance rate among their students today, the first day back in class.