Free meals for Marshall County first responders

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Burgers on Wheels parked by the Marshall County Courthouse in Benton and prepared food for many on Wednesday, January 31.

The street was closed off and the stand opened up. Dozens of first responders came from all directions to get a delicious cheeseburger with sides. Most importantly, they received a thank you from the business and everyone else they came in contact with.

A Burgers on Wheels employee said that they just opened up their food truck at the beginning of last week.

Soon thereafter, tragedy struck at the Marshall County High School where a 15-year-old male opened fire killing two and injuring 16 others at the school.

During that time, first responders flooded the high school and helped out everyone they could. Afterwards, the community came together like never before to show support.

"The county has was always strong," Marshall County Judge-Executive Kevin Neal said. "That's my belief. I grew up here. This tragic incident has shown has shown the nation how strong we really are."

This is the third time Burgers on Wheels has given back to the first responders with a free meal. They, along with countless others, are doing their part in giving back however they can.

"This tragedy that we have suffered has just absolutely pulled our community together in a way we would have never dreamed," East Marshall County Fire Department Tracy Stevens said. "From law enforcement to churches, first responders, everyone that has been involved including folks like these Burgers on Wheels they have jumped in and offered to feed all our first responders that were affected by this tragedy last Tuesday."

Unfortunately, Marshall County has seen other recent disasters as well including an explosion on a tugboat that killed three, the Calvert City McDonalds that burned down and even losing 80% of equipment in their county garage.

"2018 hasn't had a great start, Stevens added. "I think maybe February 1 is a great time to say, let's absolutely change the course."

As for now, the community will keep on helping out one another in every way possible as they keep fighting for some normalcy.

"In the end God wins," Neal said. "For our community to kind of set that example for other communities in the country and maybe non-believers that are out there. Really we have done a phenomenal job to show that faith in God has really helped us get through this."

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