Keeping your kids healthy in winter

Keeping your kids healthy in winter

(KFVS) - Winter can be hard for kids, cooped up inside and trying to avoid the cold.

Some schools and daycares, like the Christian School for the Young, do their best to give the kids outside time even when it's cold.

Trinity Hubbard, a teacher at the schools said, "when we go outside we make sure they have hat gloves and a coat."

Under the coat, hat and gloves, Dr. Chelsea Grigery, with Southeast Pediatrics said they should have thin layers on.

"The American pediatrics actually recommends that you dress your child in multiple thin layers of clothes," said Dr. Grigery.

Doctors said the flu is hitting with a vengeance this year, and the best way to prevent the spread of germs Grigery said, is good hand washing.

At the school, Hubbard said they work on good hand washing skills and not spreading germs.

"If they start to cough, we say 'hey cover your cough' and normally it's afterward but we are trying to get them in the habit of it," said Hubbard.

She said every day after the kids leave they wipe all of the toys down with bleach.

And if your child does come down with something, Grigery suggested seeing a doctor and keeping them away from others.

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