Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers State of the State

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KFVS/AP) - Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner gave his fourth State of the State address on Wednesday afternoon, January 31.

The Republican incumbent gave the speech at the state Capitol as he faced a Republican opponent in March's primary election. And he addressed a state Legislature controlled by Democrats who bested him in a showdown last summer that ended a two-year budget impasse.

He announced he would sign an executive order to strengthen policies that ensure all government employees have reliable ways to report acts of sexual misconduct.

"Further, we will introduce legislation this session to make the Ethics Act the prevailing law of the state in all matters involving misconduct," Rauner said. "Every man and woman here today, and every man and woman in our state, is unified in the expectation that we will act on our complete intolerance of, and utter revulsion for, sexual harassment."

Rauner said it was protection all must have and they must give.

According to Rauner, the key to job creation is education training.

"During our time in the executive branch, funding for K-12 schools has increased $1.2 billion, and that includes record levels of funding for early childhood education."

Rauner went out to say that what lawmakers spend isn't theirs. He said it belongs to taxpayers and they deserve better value for their money.

"In FY2019, our pension costs will rise another $600 million," he said. "Ask anyone in this room if they think this trajectory of pension expense can be sustained. Most will say 'no.' But most lack the courage to break with the status quo so we can change our path to the future."

He said, "It is time we do what the people of Illinois want. Halt the advance of taxes. Stop spending money we don't have. Get our pensions under control. And give power back to the people."

According to Rauner, he will submit a balanced budget proposal next month. He said it will offer a path to reduced spending, and help them reduce taxes and "start to push back against the assault on middle class bank accounts."

Rauner focused on job creation and fixing pensions and property taxes in a piece he wrote published Wednesday in The (Springfield) State Journal-Register ahead of the annual address. In it he said, "we need to overcome the politics and unite behind a jobs agenda" in the upcoming legislative session.

You can watch the Democratic response below:

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