Avoiding injuries while enjoying the winter

Avoiding injuries while enjoying the winter

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - We all know how fun a day on our favorite sledding hill can be, even if we have to walk up the hill.

However, there are times when sliding down can lead to injuries.

"That happens," said Crystal Wekenborg a nurse practitioner with Saint Francis Health. "Yea you're just having fun."

She said while a lot of injuries do happen when sleds are involved, there are also problems that happen when we least expect it.

"Yea and you know just running in the snow or on the ice, you know kids that are out running and slip and fall."

It's a problem because even though we have some snow here, it's not always the deepest.

"So there's things that are hidden right underneath there and you don't see it and a lot of times the main injuries are where you step on some ice and your foot goes out from under ya you're catching yourself," she added. "So it's good to kind of test the water there first."

As for making sure your kid is ok, it's about trusting them, they'll be able to tell you.

"Most of the times kids are pretty easy, either they're really fine or not, so you just have to adjust accordingly."

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