Winter hair tips

Winter hair tips

(KFVS) - Do you get the "hair blues" every winter?

"That's always the number one and two problems that we have, static and my hair feels really dry," said hairstylist, Leslie Helle-Eldridge.

Hairstylist Leslie Helle-Eldridge said just like changing your wardrobe or winterizing your car, your hair needs tune-up when the temps go down.

"A lot of times we'll switch our clients to a different shampoo and conditioner during the winter that's more moisturizing. A lot of people don't do that or they try and use repair products in the winter because they feel like their hair is damaged but in reality it's just thirsty," said Leslie.

Jessica Liley said she made that switch years ago and now she doesn't have those winter hair woes.

"Normally I don't because I generally us a hydrating shampoo and conditioner all year round.  That way I don't normally have any flyaways or static," said Jessica

Other em...that will go unnamed, aren't so lucky.

"Because of forced heat, we deal with the air being so dry the static electricity is insane," said Leslie.

There are hair products that can help, but Leslie also said another fix might already be in your cabinet.

"One of those is really simple, running a dryer sheet or static guard.  You can help spray that in your hair to help neutralize it, said Leslie.  "You can not underestimate the importance of actually drinking water.  That's just one of the basics for good skin care, good health, good hair, all of it is you have got to drink water."

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