Best time to plant spring gardens

Best time to plant spring gardens

(KFVS) - In the winter, you have to bring your plants in when it gets really cold.

We all are looking forward to spring when we can get busy planting.

You've always heard the saying, "April showers bring May flowers," but is that really true?

Paul Schnare at Sunny Hill Gardens and Florist in Cape Girardeau said it can be true but not when those showers continue into May, like last year when we had major flooding in areas.

Schnare also said the timing depends on what you're planting.

"Tomatoes can't take very much cold weather at all," Schnare said. "Uh, you take some of the flowers that people plant, pansies for example, I've seen them hang, growing and blooming in the winter with ice hanging on them."

Schnare also said a snowfall late in winter isn't bad for plants as long as the snow melts quickly.

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