Everyday Hero: Carolyn Fiedler

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - You can't put a price on good conversation, and it's even better over a free lunch.

This month's Everyday Hero, Carolyn Fiedler of Jackson, brings people together once a month for a hot meal and quality time with friends.

Every fourth Wednesday of the month you'll find Carolyn Fiedler bouncing from table to table at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau greeting her friends for lunch.

"They're such a neat bunch," said Fiedler. "I love visiting and talking to people."

Fiedler hosts the monthly blind and visually impaired luncheon at the church. Eight years ago, she was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on a new concept for the church.

"The first thing I saw in Carolyn was that she's very enthusiastic," said co-organizer Clifford Banger. "She was a go-getter from the very start. She was like we're going to do this."

Most of the folks at the luncheon weren't friends before Fiedler brought them together. Now, you'd have a hard time separating them.

"I like to sit at different tables to and move around, but it's amazing how some people have those they want to sit with and talk to and be with for that hour-and-a-half, two hours we're here.  For most of them, it's a great social option to connect."

That's Fiedler's mission: to build friendships, enjoy some good food, and share in fellowship.

"I heard so many stories about how they were just sitting in their apartments," said Fiedler. "We know that we're helping these people. If they have a great happening, or a sad happening, they have someone to talk to."

Fiedler admits she doesn't do the cooking. She leaves that to a small army of volunteers. Still, she says the lunch with friends goes a long way to feed the soul.

"It's been such an uplifting experience for me," Fiedler said. "I just love seeing these people come in. They're all so kind and sweet."

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