ACT Scores Show Some Students Not Ready for College

ACT Scores Show Some Students Not Ready for College
By: Ryan Tate
Leaders at the A.C.T. exam say some students are not ready to go to college. According to officials, more than half of last year's graduating students do not have the reading skills to succeed in higher education.
According to administrators at Southeast Missouri State University, they have a "Moderately Selective" admission policy, which means most of their students are above the national average A.C.T. score of 20.9.
"There's a lot of reading to do in college, we know that. We've been through that, our students are ready for that experience, because they meet that criteria," Debbie Below said. Below is the Director of Enrollment Management at SEMO.
Southern Illinois University Freshman Michael Dwyer says he is ready for school.
"I worked hard at school, and I think my high school helped prepare me for how difficult it is going to be," Dwyer said.
But most students probably are not prepared for how tough college will be. According to A.C.T. stats, less than 25 percent of college freshman are not proficient enough in reading comprehension, English, math and science.