New healthcare service offers 24/7 access to health & wellness

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A new form of health care is take shape in around the Cape Girardeau and Jackson area.

It not only offers unlimited doctor's visits, but 24/7 gym access.

"It's putting health care back in the hands of the individual," JD Webster, who works with 180 Healthcare, said.

180 Healthcare is flipping health and wellness on its head.

The healthcare management company has partnered with several well established medical practices.

"In the simplest format, is unlimited health and wellness for the individual," Webster said. "It's putting health care back to where it used to be."

To break it down, a monthly membership fee provides unlimited doctor's visits, 24/7 access to Snap Fitness, 24/7 telemedicine and includes discounted prescriptions and lab work.

"We do this by directly going to the manufacturer," Webster said. "We skip all the middle men so that way we can make deals direct."

The goal is to make total health and wellness more affordable.

"We're preventative," Webster said. "We want to make people healthy. We want to make people happy. We want to make people well so there's less chance of occurrence."

Fitness is the driving force to the 180 Healthcare model to help prevent future health problems.

"The more fit somebody is, the more health focused and health minded somebody is," Webster said. "It's been proven time and time again. The less sick they are.  The less treatments that they need.  The less health concerns they have as they get older."

Even with an option like this, you will still need health insurance to cover the cost of some labs, hospitalizations, or a catastrophic event.

180 Healthcare partners include:

Jackson Medical Center
Cape Family Medical Clinic
John's Pharmacy
SNAP Fitness
Bell Family Eye Care
PC Wellness Centers
Coalter Insurance Group
Ashley Insurance Services

Click here to learn more about 180 Healthcare.

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