Congratulations! You're Going to Jail

Congratulations! You're Going to Jail
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, MO --How would you like to find out you've been chosen to win a cash prize? Most of us would welcome the news, and that's what police counted on when they planned a covert sting operation.

Police from Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Perry, and Scott counties, worked with SEMO Drug Task Force agents to enact a lam scam; an operationto get suspects on the "lam" back behind bars. The suspects were wanted on felonies ranging from failure to return rental property all the way to first degreerobbery.

Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Deputy Adam Millercame up with the idea,and planned it over the pastthree months. Miller and other officers worked with the Missouri Attorney General's Office, to compile a list of suspects,and then reel them inwith the promise of prize money.

"Once they had a list compiled, they sent out letters to every person with a felony warrant, and whoever received a letter had to call back to make an appointment," Miller expl

As officers watched on hidden cameras,the hopefuls turned up one by one receiving a warm welcome at the door, and then moments later,a much more heatedreception.

The highlight of the day howevercame when one woman supposedly smelled something fishy. "She came in for her brother scoped out the place,out we made contact with her she went down the block picked up brother and they took off," Miller expl

A high speed chase and tense moments later police had two more in custody,the woman and the suspect, Kevin Blackmon.

Overall a lot of hard work police say really paid off. Police say they sent out close to six hundred letters but ended up arresting only about 22 suspects. Still that's 22 people police say they won't have to go looking for anytime soon.

A similar operation was carried out inCape Girardeau County back in 1995.