Social media backlash follows formation of Gay Straight Alliance Club in Mt. Vernon

Social media backlash follows formation of Gay Straight Alliance Club in Mt. Vernon

MT. VERNON, IL (KFVS) - After receiving school board approval and compiling a list of students interested in joining, Mt. Vernon Township High School will host a new Gay Straight Alliance club.

Many students and faculty are in favor of the new club, however, news of the new GSA has drawn many members of the community to social media with both positive and negative comments.

Dave Edwards is a teacher at the school and is to be the faculty coordinator of the entire student ran club who says he agreed to be the club's sponsor when a student approached him asking about forming a GSA.

"This is meant to be an opportunity for students to be around like-minded people and talk about issues that affect them and to support each other," Edwards said.

Edwards said the club is to the point where they are recruiting members in the school, of which he already has a list of around 30 students who have shown interest in joining a club like this one.

Edwards says the Mt. Vernon Register reported the story on social media, where the post received a good amount of attention from the community.

Not so surprisingly, many of the comments focus on the opposition of forming such a club at the school with many people making claims that such a club doesn't have a place in schools.

Many comments are from a religious standpoint, saying that a club with GSA's ideals is not appropriate from Christian culture. As well as some saying a political issue shouldn't have a place in the classroom.

However, Edwards says more comments were positive than negative, with many of the former posts coming from Mt. Vernon Township High School alumni, saying they wish there was such a club at the school at the time they attended.

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