Some St. Mary Citizens Want a New Police Chief

Some St. Mary Citizens Want a New Police Chief
By: Ryan Tate
St. Mary, MO - Eighty-six people in the St. Genevieve County town of St. Mary want a new police chief. Mark Bequette wants to know why.
"At first I was surprised, I didn't take this job to be liked, or well liked, that comes with the territory," Chief Bequette said. Bequette believes the 86 people are complaining about his enforcement of city ordinances. Some of the ordinances include loose pets, high grace and delinquent vehicles.
"His actions are outrageous and inconsistent," Daryl Mooney said. Mooney has lived in St. Mary for most of his life, and organized the petition to remove Bequette from office. According to the petition, the group wants to be able to elect their own chief. Right now, the city council and mayor appoints the chief of police. Bequette has been on the job for more than five years.
In response to the petition, new Mayor Scott Gibbar and the city council sent all 86 people a letter and a complaint form to fill out. They sent it out two weeks ago, so far 14 have been returned.
"I feel there is a problem or there wouldn't be a petition filed. But it'll take all of us to figure it out," Gibbar said. Despite that, Gibbar backs his Chief.
"I don't see anything wrong with his work. Other people do, but I don't."
"I hope things change for the better, because I can't see how they could get worse," Mooney said.
Mayor Gibbar wants to wait and see all of the complaint forms before he and the city council make a decision.