Chiropractor urges people to use caution in snow

LONE OAK, KY (KFVS) - A chiropractor in Lone Oak, Kentucky was getting ready to open his doors on Tuesday as he was out shoveling snow and throwing salt down.

"Obviously it impacts how people get out," Active Care Chiropractor Heath Schipp said. "A lot fewer people are getting out but you gotta clean it up because eventually, they will get out."

Lone Oak saw over 9 inches of snow on Monday.

You look around town and there are mounds of snow piled up after being cleared off roads and parking lots.  After the roads are cleared off enough to drive on, many will venture out in their cars and go about their daily business.

It's the sidewalks and other walking areas that are on Schipp's mind as many will slip or hurt their back while shoveling.

"If you're going to be out shoveling snow, take breaks, try and use your legs instead of your back to lift the snow," Schipp said. "Take breaks so you don't hurt yourself as badly."

Schipp said during ice or snow events like this, he sees a lot of people come by for treatment in the days after the winter events due to injuries as well as other concerns.

"Most people aren't used to going out and shoveling nine inches of snow," Schipp added. "Obviously if you're going to shovel a bunch of snow you're going to mess your back up and you're going to strain those muscles and then you'll need to come in and get fixed up."

With winter weather to deal with, using caution and asking for help could go a long way in keeping healthy and avoiding trips to the doctor.

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