Roads better than expected in western KY but crews still fighting ice

Roads better than expected in western KY but crews still fighting ice

LONE OAK, KY (KFVS) - Western Kentucky got hammered with snow on Monday. They received upwards to nearly a foot in places.

This includes snow on the roads too and crews have been battling them nonstop until even before the snow started falling.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Public Information Officer Keith Todd said the roads are bad but not as quite as bad as they could have been.

"We're doing a lot better than we would be doing this time of day," Todd said. "Last night as the temperatures started dropping, the snow started getting fluffier and lighter and made it real easy to plow."

The sun on Tuesday helped some of the main roads clear up even quicker.

"Even though our temperatures may not get up but into the twenties, the sun shining on the pavement helps to raise the temperature of the asphalt," Todd added. "That helps to activate the salt and other ice-fighting chemicals."

Todd said crews are using the sun to their advantage and utilizing it during the day more than fighting the roads at night.

He said this might take a while before all the roads are clear though. Afterwards, they could see an entirely new problem.

"We're looking at maybe not having above freezing temperatures until during the day Thursday or Friday," Todd explains. "They are talking highs around 50 on Saturday. If that's the case and this melts off that fast, we may actually end up having some flooding issues. It's a little early to look ahead to that but there is a possibility we can have some road flooding issues as we start heading on into the weekend."

For now, crews are going to continue battling the main highways and have already started battling the rural highways as well. They are also still dealing with effects from the last ice storm they received last week as well.

"We still have some of those that have a couple inches of ice on them left over from over the weekend," Todd said.

Todd wants to remind people to use extreme caution while traveling for the next several days.

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