Slipping on sidewalks? It’s your responsibility

Slipping on sidewalks? It’s your responsibility

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - While salt trucks and snow plows are focusing making the roads safe to travel, most cities in the Heartland don't remove snow and ice on sidewalks around town.

The city of Cape Girardeau has a policy that says salting and shoveling sidewalks is the responsibility of business owners and residents.

The rule in Chapter 24, section 107 of the code of ordinances states that 'No owner or occupier of any lot or land shall allow snow to remain upon any adjoining sidewalk to a greater depth than one inch, ten hours after the snow has fallen.'

The assistant director of the public works department, Stan Polivick, said that if more people follow the policy that it will mean safer traveling for pedestrians, especially those with limited mobility.

"We would encourage them to do that," Polivick said. "It would be nice if the sun would come out and melt that off and take care of it for us. That didn't happen."

"It's unfortunate that we don't have the manpower or the equipment to do it, but we don't," he added. "So the residence or the business owners just have to take that on and exercise caution while they're doing it."

Anyone who is planning to walk around town should wear winter boots with good treads and use extra caution when going down slopes or climbing hills.

"It's quite dangerous," Polivick said. "I would advise anybody that is out other than a vehicle to be very mindful of where they're walking because you can lose your balance extremely quickly and be hurt badly."