Deadly Ambulance Accident

Deadly Ambulance Accident
By: CJ Cassidy

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO --Driver error, dangerous intersection, or both? The deadly crash happened Sunday morning.

Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers say ambulance driver Patrick White slammed into a car driven by a Dunklin County woman. Police say White failed to stop at a traffic light. The driver of the car and the patient inside the ambulance both died at the scene.A paramedic, also inside the ambulance is in serious condition.
The Dunklin County Prosecutor says he will make a decision based on the accident report which hasn't been finished yet.
In the meantime, hospital administrators, where the ambulance driver is employed say they're doing everything they can to help the victims' families.
"It could have been any of us, and unfortunately ambulances are involved in accident everyday across the United States," Paula Harris with the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center says.
Still people who saw the wreckage of the ambulance and car were shocked. "It's just sad it could happen to anybody you think ambulance drivers and fire crews are invincible, but it happens to them too. Fire trucks have wrecks and ambulances have wrecks too so watch what you're doing," Robert McMahon, with McMahon's Auto, who towed the cars away says.
Police say White, failed to stop at a light at the intersection of NN and 164 in Dunklin County.
White was transporting a patient when the ambulance he was driving crashed into 64 year old Dorothy Worrell's car. Worrell and the patient inside the ambulance.
Highway Patrol reconstructionist call it inattention on White's part, but McMahon who towed the vehicles away calls the intersection itself a dangerous one.
"They've put lights sirens and rumble strips it has dropped in half, but we still have a lot of wrecks down here. It's mostly people who are not familiar with the area they just don't pay attention run through the light," McMahon says.
Hospital administrators tell me all emergency responders they employ have been licensed and certified through the state, they say they haven't decided what steps to take next but they certainly hope to re-enforce driver safety programs in the near future.