Sikeston man charged with child molestation

Sikeston man charged with child molestation

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston man faces felony charges of child molestation for allegedly touching a 14-year-old girl inappropriately on multiple occasions.

The victim told a sergeant with the Jackson Police Department that Courtney Little touched her while she was helping clean at a business in Jackson where Little worked.

Little, 44, allegedly told the victim that she wasn't cleaning properly, so he told her to "give him the towel because she didn't know how to wash right." The victim told investigators that Little would take the towel and rub it on her body including her genitals.

Sergeant Ryan Thieret noted in his report that the victim seemed upset, defeated, and afraid to speak to him about the abuse.

The victim went on to tell Thieret that Little instructed her to take a shower at the business and then allegedly got in the shower where he repeatedly touched her.

According to Thieret's report, the victim said that Little would take her to get ice cream after every incident. She said she was afraid to tell him to stop touching her because she was afraid Little might hurt her.

Little was arrested on the charges on Jan. 2. He bonded out of jail and has waived formal arraignment. Little is scheduled to be back in court in this case on Jan. 22.

Court documents show this is the second case in which Little is accused of hurting a young victim. He currently faces three felony counts of statutory sodomy. Little is scheduled to go to trial in that case in February.

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