Cape Girardeau Businesses could feel the effects of SEMO's budget cuts

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The budget cuts at Southeast Missouri State University could affect more than just the staff being let go.

Businesses all around Cape Girardeau benefit from the university staff and faculty. Even though only four percent of the staff is eliminated, places like Burritoville believe every dollar counts. Especially with most of their business coming from the school.

"Cause we're right here," said Ethan Miller, a manager at Burritoville. "We can wave at them through their windows and they know to come get some dirty fries."

Because of that, they feel like their numbers could take a hit with people eating there less than before.

"We have a good staff, but without a steady flow of business we can't pump out the fresh food that we do," said Adam Nelson, Burritoville kitchen manager "Even just 20 people it could impact a week's worth of sales."

And for Nelson, it's also affecting his personal life.

"I mean I know the same lady I see every other day when I go to classes who gives me coffee," Nelson says. "So if she's not gonna be there next semester I'm kinda gonna be bummed out."

In total, the University had to cut more than 3 million dollars from their budget. The university isn't eliminating any faculty positions, only staff members who assist in the daily operations of the school.

Those affected by the cuts have not yet been announced. President Vargas says there will be two rounds of cuts starting this month with the second coming later this semester.

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