Tips to avoid the flu

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's the same tips we've heard our whole life, the flu shot is the best way and then keeping your hands clean also helps you stay healthy.
Southeast Health is seeing more cases this year and they're coming later.

Last year the big chunk of cases came after Thanksgiving and this season it's after Christmas.

The nurses and doctors there are also wearing masks and if you're going to a doctor they say it's not a bad idea to wear one yourself.

One of the biggest issues they see though is people not taking the flu seriously.

"Yes, the flu's serious," said  Nurse Practioner Minyo Ticer with Southeast Health. "People might think -don't take it as seriously as they should sometimes -it's more serious with people who are immune-compromised, the elderly, people who have lung issues, COPD, and smokers."

It can also be a bigger problem for kids.

Some things you can do for young ones going to school is giving them water bottles so they're not using fountains as much.

Also teaching them to wash their hands correctly and to rub in hand sanitizer in until it's dry can keep the flu away.

If you are seeing symptoms it is best to stay away from work or school. That way you're not getting others sick.

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