Letting kids go outside to play when it's cold

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - It's winter time in the Heartland and according to Malone's Early Learning Center in Carterville, most accredited schools will let their kids go outside below freezing temperatures.

They can go out in temperatures 25 degrees or above to let them exert that extra energy that they have built up from studying all day.

Director Lee Eklund said they keep extra winter attire at the center, but parents should also prep their children for the cold.

"Send extra changes of clothes, 'cause if they go outside they might get wet or something, like if it's been raining or something like that in the backpack," Eklund said. "Just be prepared. Have gloves and scarfs and hats in the backpack ready to go for them so if they do get to go outside they have all the necessary stuff to stay warm."

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