Police warn: Stay off frozen ponds and other bodies of water

Police warn: Stay off frozen ponds and other bodies of water

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - With the cold conditions set to last for several days, the Sikeston Department of Public Safety is urging people to stay safe by staying off frozen city ponds or other bodies of water.

DPS Director Mike Williams said there are grave dangers when walking on frozen lakes and waterways when temperatures in the area stay around freezing.

He is asking everyone to use caution, and keep away from frozen water during the cold snap.

While a number of ponds or frozen bodies of water may freeze, they may look enticing as a skating opportunity.

However, the ice can be very dangerous.

Williams said, most ponds or lakes have a shelving slope before they drop off into deeper water, and it's extremely dangerous if people venture on to ice not knowing how deep the water is below them.

They may also not realize how thin the ice is.

DPS suggests the following if you see someone fall through the ice, or if you happen to fall through.

  • Shout for assistance, and send for the emergency services by calling 911
  • Stay off the ice (if you are trying to help)
  • Shout to the person to keep still and not to panic
  • Try and reach them from the bank using a rope, pole, a tree branch, clothing tied together, or anything else that extends your reach
  • When reaching for the person you are trying to pull to the bank, lie down to avoid being pulled onto the ice

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