Heartland schools react to freezing temps

PATTON, MO (KFVS) - While the Heartland is not facing mountains of snow or sheets of ice, there is still concern from some district over the safety of their students.

Schools like Marquand-Zion have completely closed but others such as Meadow Heights pushed back their start time Wednesday and will do it again Thursday.

The district said that they're trying to keep their students safe and off the side of the road when the wind-chill is getting down to near or below zero.

Even though the roads will not be iced over, Superintendent John Wiggans said most of them are unpaved which can cause problems for their buses.

The decision to push back the start time was made as a safety-choice.

"The reality is you have to take a look at the safety first," said Wiggans. "At least in this district, we're not gonna put a kid out on a bus at that point or a driver in that situation."

Each district will have their own standards for when they will cancel or push back classes. Sikeston schools said they considered the same option as Meadow Heights but ultimately felt their regular time would be ok.

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