Fighting the after holiday blues

The major holidays are done, January is here and bitter coldness has set in.

Some people might just be experiencing the after holiday blues right now.

Don't fret though, we have you covered with advice from a counselor that can help you get through this depressing time and back into your normal happy lifestyle mode.

We talked with Maryann Robertson, a Mental Health Therapist with A Step at a Time.

Robertson said she is very busy at this moment after the holidays because of the winter blues in addition to her regular appointments.

"People are trying to find balance again after the holidays," Robertson said. "They've had expectations that maybe, of the holidays, that didn't go quite as well as they thought. So they are a little bit disillusioned, maybe angry. So the new year is a time when the lights are gone, the Christmas holidays are over and you have to readjust."

That's why she feels now is the time to put your life back on track by setting goals, eating better exercising and finding balance.

"As human beings, we work with a reward system," Robertson added. "We have to stay in the moment, look at our lives and say hey, I did okay over the holidays. I think I need a break."

That when Robertson feels we need to help think things through by taking some time to reflect and renew yourself.

"Maybe a short trip doing whatever you like to do," Robertson suggested. "Maybe go to the museum in St. Louis, maybe go on an extra bike ride when it gets warmer. Reward yourself. You got through the holidays and you are okay."

She feels this after holiday depression that many people are in is related to seasonal affective disorder.  It's a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons.

"Some people are really affected by the dreariness," Robertson added. "So you just have to take a breath and say tomorrow is probably going to be a sunny day. It's going to be okay."

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