Scott Co., MO woman helps warm people for more than 50 years

(Source: MIke Mohundro, KFVS)
(Source: MIke Mohundro, KFVS)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Lillian Jenkins of Scott County, Missouri has recently had trouble to donate her creations.

Jenkins has spent the better part of her years making items which help those stay warm.

She has been crocheting gloves, caps, throw blankets and houseshoes for those who need them in the southeast Missouri area; and, really, anywhere in the world.

"We sent some to Afghanistan because the soldier boys needed them," Jenkins said. "We sent some to New York because the Navy boys needed them. That makes you feel good because they're fighting for us."

She started it all back in 1965.

Jenkins has no plans on quitting anytime soon. 

"I'm 87 and going on 88," Jenkins said. "My grandchildren tell me I got to live to be 115. So if I do it I will be crocheting then."

She starting the hobby when she decided she needed an alternative to some medicine she was prescribed. 

"I had migraines and they were giving me nerve pills for my migraines," Jenkins said. "I said no. I'm not taking them. So I come home with a big bottle full for a month, I took them to the barrel, set fire to them and burned them up. I walked out and got a kit and started crocheting."

It was at that time she started making the blankets and caps which then gave away to those in need and hasn't stopped since. 

"It makes you feel good," Jenkins added. "It makes you feel great!"

She recently has found some difficulty finding a place to donate her last batch of caps and other items she made. 

"I wanted to donate my caps," Jenkins added. "The good Lord said to help those who can't help their self."

People ask Jenkins all the time to make her items that they need. 

"There was a guy up here taking rehab, and a water bottle," Jenkins recalled. "Well you know they sweat. He said will you make me a water bottle cover? I said give me about an hour."

She is trying to find a local charitable organization that would like her caps and plans on donating them soon.

Until then, she then will continue making more items to be donated.

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