Everyday Hero: Pat Crane

Crane drives people from Essex to doctors appointments and to the airport in exchange for lunch.
Crane drives people from Essex to doctors appointments and to the airport in exchange for lunch.
Crane brings 90-year-old Helen Ross soup and apple butter.
Crane brings 90-year-old Helen Ross soup and apple butter.

ESSEX, MO (KFVS) - Kindness comes in all forms, and this month's Everyday Hero demonstrates it can even be delivered on four wheels.

"My uncle says if you want to see me just stand still for 10 minutes and I'll go by," said Crane.

In the small town of Essex, Missouri, Pat Crane is a gal on the go.

"If you notice my car is backed into the drive way. That way I can shoot out," said Crane.

And when she "shoots out" Crane is usually on a mission.

"She goes," said Crane's friend Lisa Brown. "She's always running someone to the doctor, or to the airport."

"I take a lot of people to Cape for the doctor," said Crane.  "In this area, you go to Cape or Poplar Bluff. I've gone both places. Because some people will call me and they need their medicine picked up in Dexter. I go to Dexter a lot."

"My son has a nickname for me: miss Uber of Essex," said Crane. "He says 'we had Uber before people knew what it was, it was you."

There's one major difference between Crane and other car services: the fare.

"I tell them to just buy my lunch," said Crane.

If they can't afford that, Crane says that's okay too. She just like to drive.

"I find it very relaxing," said Crane. "I love to put on music and just drive."

Whether it's to St. Louis, or just down the street - Crane is always on the move.

"I'm forever running into her and she says 'I'm going to pick up this because so-n-so is sick and I'm gonna take them a bowl of soup. Then I thought there'll be enough and so I'm gonna take these people some because they've been a little under the weather," said Brown.

In-between trips, Crane likes to sit and chat.

"I just tell them what's going on in Essex, in the school, or at the churches," said Crane. "Most people, especially the elderly, they just need someone to talk to. If you ask them about their kids or grand kids that'll get them talking."

Ninety-year-old Helen Ross says the conversation is great, and the soup's not half bad either.

"Honey, I can smell the soup before she gets here," said Ross.

Ross says it's always nice to see a friendly face who is also a helping hand.

"She's an angel," said Ross.

"She's just so good at she knows what's going on when someone needs it whether it be card of just stopping in to drop off a bowl of soup," said Brown. "She is to me - the heartbeat of Essex."

And Crane says as long as her heart keeps beating and her engine keeps running she'll keep delivering joy and kindness around Essex and beyond.

"That's all we all want is someone to be kind to us," Crane said.

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