3-year-old Murphysboro, IL girl continues to fight cancer

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - One 3-year-old in Murphysboro may have gotten what she wanted for Christmas, but what she's really praying for is to beat cancer once and for all.

Blakleigh is just like any three year old - very active, talkative and loves Barbies and Peppa Pig.

Blakleigh's mom, Kasi Camden, said while Christmas was great, her biggest concern is still her daughter's health.

"We got results from the MRI-CT from Delaware. They had said there were spots in the lungs, but we are not sure if it's just scar tissue or if possibly cancer did spread to the lungs."

Three months ago, Blakleigh found out that she had stage 3 liver cancer, which she calls "the C-monster".

"It's like the thing that kids get chemo when they have to stay at the hospital for three weeks or five weeks...they don't have no Barbies… so you can't play. You just have to stay in your bed," Blakleigh said.

Camden said her daughter has been holding up, but even at age three, Blakleigh can speak for herself.  Filled with wisdom and vocabulary, Blakleigh tells her mom, "I've been feeling a little bit like sick and I feel a little bit nauseous."

"Her biggest thing is emotionally, some days, she'll just start crying...she'll be fine playing with her Barbie's and then she'll come over to me and just start crying….It's been an emotional roller coaster for all of us…but I truly believe God is going to take us down the right path and there will be light at the end of the tunnel, I do believe that," Camden shared.

As they wait for news and hope for the best, the community has rallied around the family.

"We are forever grateful for everybody's who's given or helped us. It means a lot to us," Camden said,

Blakleigh will undergo chemo for 6 days next week and 8 weeks after that... The hope is that the cancer doesn't spread to her lungs.

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