Worker sums up how to prepare for cold weather

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Quinn Strong and his helper were braving the cold weather today while outside working on building a duplex on Wednesday.

We stopped by as they were all bundled up and working as they have been out all day while temps hung around the mid-teens.

When asked about how he is dealing with the cold weather, Capital Real Estate Group's Quinn Strong replied that it starts with when you wake up in the morning.

"It all starts with preparation," Strong said. "It starts with a good breakfast. I usually choose what's leftover from the night before. Go to Rhodes 101 Stop and get a sugar free Monster energy drink. That stuff is pretty good. Sometimes I pick up a cookie. They're laying on the counter right there when you check out. Those guys know what they're doing. Product placement."

He then proceeded to make sure a person starts weeks in advance before it gets cold to start thinking long-term warmth.

"It starts weeks before with growing a proper beard to help with the wind," Quinn added. "I feel bad for all those guys out there that don't have beards to protect their face."

In addition to the layers of clothes, a warm hat is a must if you're out in the cold elements.

"Layer up!" Strong said. "Long johns, a nice thermal shirt, puffy coat, gloves, and sock hat. I think around here some people call them toboggans. Don't really get it but it keeps my ears warm."

Strong said the sun does help warm things up a bit while your out working and intends to work all day and takes advantage of the sun to help get the job done.

"We would be out here all night but the sun goes down. Can't see at night," Quinn said.

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