Dealing with frigid weather in the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - So how are you dealing with the frigid weather? Some people are making changes to their daily routines like starting the car early before they leave home.

And of course, everyone is wearing long sleeves and just more clothing in general.

Here's what some people told Heartland News:

  • "Layers. You know stay in as much as you can naturally."
  • "Takes a little bit longer. Gotta start the car and get it going. Gotta take the dog out so you gotta get dressed for that."
  • "We keep a fireplace. We have boiler heat in our house we live in an old house so we've got a fireplace and hot water heat and we have a heat pump.”

If you need to get around in this weather it's recommended that you keep driving to a minimum, and always keep an emergency kit or even some extra clothes in your car just in case.

Here are some cold related illnesses to look out for this winter.

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