Keeping your home warm while away for the holidays

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Before you head out for the holidays make sure to find your house in the same condition as you left it.

With the shock of cold weather this weekend, don't forget about your pipes and even checking your thermostat before heading outdoors for the holidays.

When these temperatures dip, you could run the risk of pipes freezing or your heat not working.

Whether you are at home or hitting the road, an HVAC Manager in Cape Girardeau reminds you to check your heating system and make sure everything is working to avoid unforeseen emergencies.

"Make sure it's working before you leave," said Greg Brown with Aire Solutions in Cape Girardeau. "Turn it on make sure it comes on make sure it goes off, make sure it's working. Other than that make sure your filter is changed. You'd hate for your furnace to shut down because you had a dirty filter in it. Those are the two biggest things I can tell you before you walk out the door. Just make sure of those."

Brown also reminds you to pull back the curtains and even close the doors to bedrooms but do not close off vents.

The ideal temperature for your thermostat is between 68 and 76 degrees.

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