Get your frustrations out at Christmas Rage Room

Get your frustrations out at Christmas Rage Room
(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)

(CBS) - The pressure of preparing for Christmas is pushing some Londoners over the edge.

Frustrated Brits who are sick of holiday shopping, decorations and festive music are getting a chance to blow off some steam.

While some are getting swept up in the holiday spirit, others are escaping underground to relieve some stress.

They're donning Christmas themed jumpsuits and taking out their aggression.

Billy and Clare channeled their anger with the help of their most hated Christmas song.

"I feel very de-stressed and de-raged now," Clare said.

People are paying $25 to vent their frustrations. They get a baseball bat and have three minutes inside this "rage room," and they all have their own reasons for being here.

"It's the songs, the cold weather, I'm a summer guy," Billy Holmes said.

"By this date, I think people are pretty sick of the Christmas music, all the decorations, I think people are done with it and wanna get out some of that stress," Clare Morris said.

Everybody loved it universally, whether they hate Christmas or they love Christmas.

For Pearse and Oddette, it was the perfect holiday treat.

"I just imagined everyone from last Christmas who didn't get me anything and then showed them how it was," Pearse Egan said.

And if you still have some rage left over, customers can wash the rest down with a Christmas cocktail.

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